DivingDeepEDU is a conversation based podcast helping us better understand interesting topics with an eye towards gaining insight into educational practices. 

Matthew Downing guides the conversations with curious questions that creates a refreshing and enjoyable atmosphere.  He is known for highlighting unique aspects about his guests while bringing to light what his listeners most want to know.

Reach out to Matthew Downing at mhdowning@gmail.com

About the Host

Matthew Downing

- Host of DivingDeepEDU
- Co-Host of RethinkingEDU
- Interested in the way technology transforms the learning process
- Excited about professional development that brings about effective change
- Enjoys the educational coaching process and seeing positive results
- Understands coding implementation within curriculum
- 15 years K-12 experience
- Currently, pursuing an EdD from Northeastern University in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, Leadership
- Google Certified Trainer and Administrator
- Check out mdowningedu.com and rethinkingedu.co
- Email - mhdowning@gmail.com