Feb. 22, 2021

Lessons learned from a time mixup

I was super excited to chat with a recent guest on DivingDeepEDU.  He has worked at an amazing school.  He just helped start an amazing new experiential learning school.  I'm inspired by his journey and super interested to learn more.  But . . . I got the time wrong.

I didn't do the correct math and planned for a 5 hour difference instead of a 6 hour difference.


I was/am an idiot!

My idiocy did something to the moment.  It did something to the energy of the conversation.  Zapping it to a deadening level.  Self talk reminded me how much of an idiot I am/was, and it was difficult to get past.  

Thankfully, my guest was very forgiving and didn’t make me feel bad about it.  He insisted that he got a lot of work done while he was waiting, and about 5 minutes into the conversation I forgot about my mishap and wrapped myself into the story.  

There are things to learn from this.  Yes, I’ll double check my time switch next time.  But it is also important to not allow self talk to destroy the energy of a conversation.  Admit a mistake if it happens.  Apologize.  Assume you have been forgiven (unless told otherwise) and forgive yourself.  Then, move on and embrace the moments that you do have or they will be destroyed by unhelpful self talk.