49 - Dr. Matthew Downing: blended learning and Mr. Rogers.

What can we learn from Mr. Rogers in respect to blended learning? Mr. Rogers transformed the television experience for kids decades ago, and there is much we can continue to learn from him today.

48 - Maxwell Smith: blended learning mini series

What does an online school look like that elevates self directed learning, utilizes learning challenges, and taps into student agency? Let me introduce you to The Forest School Online.   This conversation with Maxwell Smith seeks to elevate...

47 - William Minton: blended learning mini series

What if technology made the educational experience more impactful, reduced stress, and allowed us to get more done in less time?

46 - Richard Byrne: blended learning mini series

Consistency is essential within a blended learning environment.

45 - Dom Traynor: blended learning mini series

Blended learning has forced teachers across the globe to modify their teaching practice and experiment with new tools and ideas.

44 - Dr. Scott McLeod: blended learning mini series

How can we utilize the blended learning environment towards deeper learning? Dr. Scott McLeod chats with Matthew Downing about this and the need for thoughtful planning, the temptation towards wishful thinking, and the way 4 Shifts Protocol can guide towards success.

43 - Dr. Monica Burns: blended learning mini series

The experiences throughout the past year have helped us grow in our understanding of using technology in the classroom and being able to ask the "why" when considering technology classroom application.

42 - Todd Nesloney: blended learning mini series

Blended learning is not for every student or educator.  Todd Nesloney and Matthew Downing discuss limitations of the blended learning environment for both students and teachers.  We also consider unique ways blended learning can serve students and educators.

41 - Rachelle Dene Poth: blended learning mini series

Risks can be a powerful tool within our learning. Blended learning has offered numerous opportunities for teachers and students to take risks they wouldn't have taken otherwise.

40 - Dr. Matthew Rhoads: blended learning mini series

Organizing a blended learning classroom serves as one of the biggest obstacles for educators.  Matthew Rhoads shares examples of how to best organize a blended learning classroom while offering practical guidance that can be easily applied.

39 - Dr. Marci Klein: design to learn

Design offers an excellent pathway to interdisciplinary learning experiences. Dr. Marci Klein brings us into classrooms and shows us how design can be used to combine diverse learning objectives and push creativity.

38 - Julie Jungalwala: disruptive decade

We are in the midst of a disruptive decade. Listen in to the conversation as Julie Jungalwala and Matthew Downing consider a path forward.

37 - Pam Harris: talking real math

What is real math? Pam Harris chats with Rob Schwartz, Macie Basom, and myself about this important issue. We discuss the characteristics of real math and more importantly - how can real math be brought to the classroom?

36 - Sam Willoughby: full throttle

How do you pursue your dream? Sam Willoughby, BMX Olympic Silver Medalist, brings us into his story of leaving home at the age of 16 to pursue his BMX dream and the many factors that led to his decision.

35 - Katherine Adamek: fixing your mindset

What role does your mindset play in athletics and education? Katherine Adamek, 2 time Olympic Medalist, shares personal stories and coaching strategies to help us better understand.

34 - John Coyle: design thinking

How does design thinking help us in everyday life?  Not the textbook version.  The practical day in and day out version. John Coyle, Olympic Medalist and design thinking expert, breaks down the theory of design thinking and helps us apply it. to daily life.

33 - Mark Henderson: persevering towards gold

Perseverance helps us grow in unexpected ways. Mark Henderson, Olympic Gold Medalist, shares the story of his 1992 Olympic trial experience and how that propelled him towards gold in 1996.

32 - Vladimir Grbic: elevating your performance

What does it take to elevate your performance to the next level? Who better to ask than Olympic Gold Medalist, Vladimir Grbic?

31 - Shawn Kanungo: disrupt to innovate

What is the role of innovation within education?   Shawn Kanungo, a globally recognized innovation strategist, shares his insight into how innovation occurs and what it could look like within schools.

30 - 3 kids asking some more curious questions with Judy Schachner

Anaiah Downing, Eliana Downing, and Teo Downing had the opportunity to ask some curious questions to Judy Schachner, #1 New York Times author/illustrator.  (See episode #29 for the complete conversation with Judy.)

29 - Judy Schachner: liberating creativity

How does an award winning author and illustrator create their books? Judy Schachner, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator, gives us a glimpse into her creation process.

28 - Michelle Weise: long life learning

How do we prepare for jobs that don't exist yet? Michelle Weise guides us through this transition with thoughtful insight and tons of examples.

27 - John Couch: Rewiring Education

What is the role of technology within our learning?   John Couch, Apple's first Vice President of Education, helps us understand the difference between utilizing technology as a mental bicycle and an exercise bike.

26 - Tony Wagner: learning by heart

What drives your learning?