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Dynamic and entertaining

This show is both informative and interesting with a lineup of extremely impressive guests!!

Thoughtful and Insightful

DivingDeepEDU is a well created podcast that shares thoughtful and insightful ideas from the world of EDU. The episodes are well done and I appreciate the conversation. Keep up the good work.

For Educators, Parents, and just everyday people...

I love listening to the wide variety of guests from all different backgrounds, with Matt’s masterful way of bringing out their story and drawing connections to education and innovation. This podcast has made my long commute enjoyable and I find myself sitting an extra 5 minutes in the car just to finish the episode. These rabbit holes are fun!

Curious, smart and well prepared…

I recently spent 45 minutes in an interview with Matthew Downing. As a professional speaker and lecturer it was a refreshing session as Matthew came prepared - perhaps as much or more than any other podcast or interview I have done. This allowed us to be free ranging and cover a lot of territory. Grateful for the opportunity.

Insightful listen

Although I’m not in education, I’ve found these talks insightful. I’ve been picking up things that I can apply as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Best podcast I've listened to

I look forward to listening to each episode. There's always something new and unexpected. Keep 'em coming! P.S. I also really like the intro music. Nice.

Interesting podcast!

All these podcasts have been very interesting and informative. I can see how new creative technology and application practices have affected the learning process in an incredibly positive manner!

Love it!

Great podcast, informative and fun information. Can’t wait to hear new episodes!

Great information and insight

These interviews are extremely interesting, insightful, and helpful even for those not in the professional educational arena. Lots of good applications for family and homeschool education as well!

Insightful. A great listen!

The conversations are engaging and brought about a lot of interesting points in unexpected ways. Can’t wait for more.

Great podcast!

These are such thoughtful conversations about how we can improve upon our education system and create critical thinking students who are truly prepared for the future. I love listening to these talks. Keep them coming!


Excellent podcast about our education system. Great work!

Grab that scuba gear

Diving Deep!